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Entry #301

Did you know there's a free song on ITunes?

2013-11-13 01:38:22 by owlgirl387

Yeah only one though..


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2013-11-13 01:49:15

Is that the name of the free song, "Only One Though"?

owlgirl387 responds:

Would be awesome if it was, win win.


2013-11-16 03:18:42

Do you know which one's the one though?

owlgirl387 responds:

The Mother We Share- CHVRCHES


2013-11-23 01:37:23

Sounds kinda retro, but I like it. Found it on YouTube... and I noticed a Google+ rebellion in the comments... signs of the times, I guess.

owlgirl387 responds:

It's a good song… of course I got it hahaa