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Oh hey

2014-05-12 03:34:10 by owlgirl387

So my knee is healing swimmingly. When I first had a brace for it it was a XXL and the swelling went down a lot so now I have an XL brace, thunder thighs. The tissue is healing, and the tendons are shrinking into place. Yes I'm able to play basketball for my senior year and yes I'm crazy enough to do it. Plus side is she said I don't have to wear a brace or anything, but I have this fear that it'll pop out easier .__. Also about 4/5 of the guys I was friends with are totally dead to me now. DEAD. I won't be dating anyone soon, good... But having kissing withdrawals >.< but oh well last week of school. 


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2014-05-12 06:29:30

Hm, hope your knee never takes any damage or major strain for the foreseeable future. Eh, guys at that age don't know what they want...

owlgirl387 responds:

Thanks! Also I just hope this one guy isn't still planning to visit after his graduation, ignore him hahaa


2014-05-12 06:46:50

oh cool! another basketball player/fan on NG. do you have any favorite teams?? watch the NBA and/or WNBA? good luck with healing your injuries and your boy troubles lol

owlgirl387 responds:

OKC, I never get to watch the games I'm always doing something when they play :( and thank you!


2014-05-12 18:06:48

Oh yeah, I remember that guy... well, you'll be hard to find, I take it?

owlgirl387 responds:

Be hard to get to hahaa, lots of planes and boats to take to find me. I'll just take off to camp.


2014-05-13 02:51:12

Let's just hope things stay stable enough domestically, so it isn't a FEMA camp you're running to.

owlgirl387 responds:



2014-05-13 11:47:21

glad to know you're doing better :)

owlgirl387 responds:



2014-05-14 06:06:05 These jokers can practically take over, if anything out of the ordinary happens, which means they can divvy up the country into sectors, and make demands on us personally...

owlgirl387 responds:

So they're basically "protecting" this country?


2014-05-19 04:14:26

No, they just keep us locked up, aka protected; they've got hundreds of 'camps' for citizens in case of disaster, but it's been noted that the camps are near railway lines, and that the barbed wire faces in (to keep ppl in). The posted signs on entry are equally strange, as are the minders of these places, very off limits, and none of the staff are sworn officers of any kind...

As of now, is the unofficial protector; one of the control boxes to that network is right up the block from me, very big and very strong... also shit-tons of cameras at the intersections surrounding it, of course :|

Oh well, that's life in the more populous areas of the US.

owlgirl387 responds:

.... Eff that , I mean fish or moose camp.