Entry #331


2014-08-15 21:12:25 by owlgirl387

Well I started senior year, and I haven't talk to 'someone' in a month, which is good. He messes with my head :/. Also, I'm really sad Robin Williams committed suicide. I loved him!! I cried more last night, because have you heard of Vines? Six second videos? Someone posted one last night of him saying,'Suicide is a permanent choice to a temporary problem.' I literally cried myself to sleep last night....


I think that's all I have to say ._.


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2014-08-15 21:56:44

Glad you've made a somewhat clean break from that relationship, hope you find a new one!

Yeah, it sucks. I used to see him as Mork all the time....

owlgirl387 responds:

Hahaa thanks, it's still super depressing but he had depression and I forgot what disease he had.